Body Image Issues

* Body image issues are largely seen as a common problem. Ultimately, it is created by our society which promotes unrealistic body ideals. Therefore, it is very challenging for oneself to cope up with those unrealistic standards. The word body image refers to the way you think and feel about your body. In this condition, you will start overthinking about your looks or do you look good to other people.

* Body image issues are created by so many factors like the comments you get from your friends, family, and people around you. Body image matter so much to oneself because it indirectly affects your self-esteem. Therefore, if you feel unhappy with your looks then your self-esteem will start getting down. Also, these can lead to serious mental problems like depression, eating disorders, obesity, and anxiety.

* Another due to body image issues individual start avoiding social situations which may interfere with developing a healthy social and romantic relationship. Consequently, poor body image and self-loathing can result in a psychological disorder called BDD. BDD or body dysmorphic disorder involves a misconception that a person looks ugly even if they a small flaw or none at all. Body image issues can be caused by past events and circumstances such as – 

  • A person is being teased or bullied as a child for their looks.
  • A person is deliberately told that they are ugly, too fat, or too thin or having other aspects of your appearance being criticized.
  • Having problems like underweight, overweight or obesity.
  • The media may be making you feel bad about how you look.
  • A serious illness called BDD, where a person is preoccupied (Rare cases) with minor or imaginary physical flaws.


* Love Yourself as You are Born

Indeed, nobody is perfect out there. Because there is always something you would like to change about your bodies. Mother nature has created you with best, so love yourself. Therefore, if you criticize your body then please stop yourself rather think about your positive traits. Also, count your rarity know your power because your body is not a hanger where you hang your clothes. You are blessed with a truly amazing body. So, focus on how strong and healthy your body can be. Also, people sometimes start avoiding their bodies which are highly abnormal. Treat your body well. Eat and sleep in right in quantity. Show some gratitude towards what you are blessed with and get moving and love yourself.


* Confidence Is Key To Body Image Issues

Confidence can fill the gap your body image issues create. Try to be grateful and confident about your body. Being confident can help you to carry yourself as you are. It is also helpful in maintaining control over your actions as well as your thoughts. Also, if you feel good about yourself consequently you will treat other people with the same feeling. Because everyone has their set of insecurities regarding their body image. Also, never let yourself down because of bad-mouthed people around you as they would never stop doing it. Hence, confidence gives you the strength to accept as you are born with whichever body type of yours because nobody is perfect. Also, built a better habit and stop body-shaming yourself.


* Media Can Affect Body Image

Body image issues can also be based on the impact of media. Media can play a major role in how people regard their bodies. The sources of media like advertisement can have a powerful impact on one’s mindset as they contain bold and loud messages like by using this product you can get a perfect figure, skin, etc. These messages only create myths and nothing else because of the standards of physical attractiveness portrayed by the media may not be attainable by everyone. Consequently, it creates dissatisfaction across all cultures and genders.

Hence, body image issues can be can influence our life badly by filling our minds with negative thoughts, beliefs, and values about their body. Therefore, try to have a strong sense of self which you can get from your own information, intuitions, needs, and desires. Do what you feel authentic to you and letting go of the need to get everyone’s approval.

Body image issues

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