Know how to deal with bullying:First,Walk away when the bully approaches you and try to imagine you’re walking away from a stranger.Both you and your visual communication can show you don’t care. As well as Concentrate on thinking about something else. When the bully approaches you, count to one hundred and keep walking.They’ll never see how upset you are.

Learn how to be assertive: The more a bully thinks we can pick on a victim without a response, the more we will do it. That's why Associate in assertive response is therefore effective in countering bullying.

Whom to look for support and how to deal with it on your own:In fact, experts also say, almost all of us benefit from social and emotional support. And although it should appear unreasonable, having sturdy social support will really cause you to additional able to deal with issues on your own, by rising your vanity and sense of autonomy.