Gender Based Discrimination

  • Gender based discrimination often refers to sexism. Therefpore, it is based on a person’s sex or gender. Gender based discrimination tends to believe that one sex or gender is fundamentally superior to another. It affects both the gender but largely the second sex i,e women and girls.
  • Gender based discrimination occurs due to the interaction between sex ( as the biological factors of women and men). It depends on their socially constructed identities, attributes and society’s social and cultural meaning for the biological difference between women and men.
  • It is largely seen that women are more subjected to gender based discrimination. The debate includes in this topic are concerned with a life with the opportunity to be educated for women, to work safe jobs with adequate and equal pay, to be healthy and to participate in every aspect of public life.
  • Therefore, women are targeted to gender norms that limit their opportunities, defining them as mothers, caregivers or homemakers. Consequently, these limits put women at risk of poverty, ill-health, and violence. These assignations limit women’s choices, opportunity to seek education or a carrier or sometimes worst ability to be decision-makers in the communities.


* How Gender Based Discrimination Affect Us

Gender based discrimination has affected us in many ways. Initially, it has effects on the scale of the population. It can be seen by the numbers of new-born boys and girls are unequal. The inequality starts from the root. The number of females are less than male if you see the population scale. Secondly, the discrimination of genders can seen be in the field of education. Education is important for a human-being’s growth. Also, many females left uneducated just because they belong to the second gender. Hence, gender-based discrimination had a negative impact on economic growth as it lowered the average level of human capital. Consequently, there is a high trend of educational impacts of gender inequality. Finally, there is a link between education and economy that’s why the economy is the field which is consequently heavily affected by it. 


* Gender Inequality At Workplace or Home

Gender based discrimination covers a wide variety of social prejudice. Womens sometimes, refers to second sex or second class citizen. Furthermore, in past decades females raise their voices for the right to vote or own a land. Gender based discrimination starts from our home only. In our male dominating society men would even decide a women would get married to among a whole host of other things. Gender based discrimination in the workplace is one of the significant cases of inequality. It has grown widely in the vicinity of the workplace which females have to face. Also, females have lower chances to get a job comparatively than men. Sometimes, they there is more likelihood of being refused on applying for jobs application. Another, gender based discrimination leads to a huge problem of pay gap between the two gender. Females get paid less even when they are equally qualified than men in the same occupation. Therefore, the reason behind is that workplace are traditionally dominated by men. Hence, females are not allowed to make a decision on their own. And at almost everything men hold the position of leadership.


* Gather All Your Confidence

We are facing the gender based discrimination from so long. There is no way to get rid of from these inequality as you face this in our day-to-day life. It’s a ‘no way escape’ thing as it starts from our home only. You gotta deal with it. Be courageous, fight for your own right because nobody else would do it for you. Another strength is only found in adversity and sometimes the strongest people are the most unlikely ones. There are unit of situations that mold you to discover our strength. Understand the fact that you are born as a female and you have every right to choose what you like or do. Furthermore, do not let others to feed your passion rather feel happy and proud of who you are.

Finally, break the stereotypes which are based on the classification of male and female characteristics. It is known worldwide that men are considered to be stronger, more physically active and less emotional than women are. Therefore, it is believed that men to have these strengths and women are considered to be good at care taking, problem solving. Also, there are so many injustice which women have to face on a daily basis. The leadership position of men are undeniably dominating in our society. The only way to deal with it is break the gender barriers to improve the moral and financial state of your company.

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