Interaction With Opposite Sex

* Know Why You Are Resisting

  • Often times, males and females consider the opposite sex as an extrinsic species. You are captivated by the opposite sex. But, at the same time, you find them baffling. You are overwhelmed in interacting with the opposite sex. Every encounter gives you a nerve-racking experience and leaves you exhausted. You resist any form of interaction with the opposite sex. But, when forced by circumstances, you are completely clueless and anxious. This results in serious consequences on your personal and professional relations. As a result, your mental health and well-being are severely affected. 
  • Hence, it is crucial to acknowledge that the real problem lies in your mental outlook. Also, you must understand why you are resisting such interactions. Most of the time, it is simply because you lack familiarity with the opposite sex. In fact, your entire focus is on differences in mannerisms, behavior and emotional patterns of the opposite sex. 
  • Besides, you may have got very little or no exposure to the opposite sex. This builds up negative apprehensions and anxiety hindering a natural process of interaction. Additionally, a lack of confidence and self-esteem can further complicate the situation. Moreover, your insecurities and fear of being judged, rejected or disliked also impact negatively on your interactions.    


* Develop Familiarity With Opposite Sex

  • One of the major reasons behind anxiety while interacting with the opposite sex is the lack of familiarity. While it is true that males and females are distinctively different in their mannerisms, behavior, responses, thought patterns, and requirements, etc. This results in complications while interacting with the opposite sex. This sense of mystery keeps you puzzled whenever interacting with the opposite sex.  Apart from it, a lack of exposure on account of socio-cultural or religious factors further enhances a sense of oblivion. 
  • All this severely limits your interaction with the opposite sex. Consequently, your chances of forming long-lasting healthy relationships are drastically reduced. It also restricts your existing relationships to realize their full potential. As such, you experience a disturbing sense of emptiness in your life. In short, your mental health and overall well-being are negatively affected.  
  • Hence, it is crucial to develop familiarity with the opposite sex for a balanced and healthy life. You must expand your understanding of the behavior, thought patterns and aspirations of the opposite sex. A deep and insightful understanding will remove your anxiety and apprehensions while interacting with them. It will give you a foresight in spotting similarities and appreciating their talents irrespective of the differences. This will ease out the tension and allow you to interact with a positive mindset. 


* Build Up Communication Skills

  • It is important to realize that positive interaction with the opposite sex is crucial for a healthy and fruitful life. You cannot build new relations nor sustain the existing ones in it’s absence. It gives you the much-needed platform for your personal and professional growth. In other words, your overall well-being is determined substantially by the ease of interaction with the opposite sex. 
  • However, this can be extremely stressful and challenging for many people. In case, if you experience anxiety and backbreaking efforts while interacting with the opposite sex. Then, consider developing the much needed social skills to boost your confidence. Your competence in social skills will surely take away the stress and anxiety involved in interacting with the opposite sex. You should invest your efforts in developing effective communication. 
  • In other words, you should be open-minded and challenge your difficult behavior patterns. This requires your willingness to leave comfort zones and explore unknown territories. You must sincerely work towards enhancing your confidence, self-esteem, and social skills. While inculcating these skills will not be an easy task. However, this will prove truly beneficial in all aspects of your life. It will strengthen your connections with others, build greater trust and respect. Additionally, it will enhance your teamwork and problem-solving skills. Consequently, your overall social and emotional health will be upgraded.
Interaction with Opposite Sex

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