• Unemployment is a term which refers to a person who is actively searching for a job. Unemployed people are those who have actively seeking for work in the prior 4 weeks and are currently available for work. Therefore, it directly affects the health of the economy.
  • Above all, the problem of unemployment is a worldwide reality. Therefore, every country suffers from it whether it is developed or developing. Also, it has become worse with the passage of time after the recent global economic crisis. In this condition individuals actively looking for a job and remain un-hired which damages the economy.
  • Unemployment can be measured by the unemployment rate, which is the number of unemployed people divided by the number of people in the labor force. Unemployment does not affects the economy only but also your mental health. The state of being unemployed adversely affects you which causes depression, anxiety, financial stress, and identity crisis.
  • Hence, people call unemployment as the longest stretch of time and others deem it a curse from the darkest evil. Another, being unemployed is the most destructive elements to one’s career. Unemployment and it’s side effects on your mental health go side by side.
  • Side-effects on mental health like depression, anxiety and stress plays an important role in how long a person is out of work. While much of this cannot be prevented. So, you can take steps to be out of unemployment just to reduce the chances of getting it worse. Furthermore, avoid getting negative about it, surround yourself with a positive attitude or don’t give up. Because you deserve to be happy.


* How To Deal With Unemployment

The causes of unemployment are different around the globe. Consequently, the effect of unemployment leads to financial, social, and psychological problems. In many cases people are seen hugely affected mentally by the unemployment. You only have to deal with it because everybody is suffering by their  own pain. Therefore, don’t lose your confidence and self-esteem. Face your feelings and express yourself. Involve your family’s support. Pay attention to your daily activities like sleep and eat, also take care of yourself. Another, stay positive and keep the spirit high to fight against grief coming from job loss. Agreed, it is going to affect your standard of living for a while and create so many insecurities. Therefore, always remember that nothing is permanent in this world so do the situation of unemployment. So, wait for your turn and take efforts to relieve the stress.


* Utilize Your Time And Groom Your Personality

Bitter truth is, no one likes losing their jobs unless they hated it in the first place. Don’t consider it as a failure because you have given extra time off from your work. As a result you’ve now plenty of time to work around the clock so, take inventory and relax. First of all, do something meaningful with your time like get in shape. Yah! As it sounds like crazy but these are the ways you can get rid off the consequences of being unemployed. Avoid being down in self-pity and doubt. Take a step to move forward and ignore being depressed about it. Consequently, you will start being lazy and filthy. Stop doing it, groom your personality as it is an important requirement in any profession. Also, you can join some activity group as a volunteer because it will groom your personality only.


* Plan Your Steps Wisely

A vicious cycle of isolation is a result being unemployed and depressed. As days pass you will slowly get into the pit of being discouraged. Go to the interviews, face your rejection because you can learn what is lacking from there only. Accept the offered challenges and plan you career accordingly. Consequently, make a carrier plan because this is going to assist you build choices concerning what categories to require. Also, stop being a frog in the well and identify the extracurricular activities research. Get an internship in a firm, may be, because that will make you a strong job candidate amongest others.

As a result, the main causes of unemployment are due to increased population, rapid technology change, lack of education or skills and rising cost. Another, to cope up with job loss and unemployment stress can be tough. The consequences of unemployment only leads to great threat on your mental health. Therefore, moving forward can only prevents the adverse consequences. Hence, take continual efforts to move forward because hassling with it will provide you no gain. Nothing is permanent in this world so is your unemployment. Don’t worry, this pass!

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