What Happens During Therapy

Therapy can be both short and long term. The Journey depends on your sessions that you start together with your counsellor and finding answers, solutions, moments of enlightenment, sometimes difference of opinion leading to a better you at the end of the day. What happens during a therapy is you are invited to speak your heart. The therapist will listen and may take notes as you speak. Speak worry free as you won’t be criticized, interrupted or judged. Eventually, what happens during your therapy is that your therapist will listen to you without making a judgement in hurry rather he will provide help clients try to find solutions to the challenges they face.

Therapy is all about learning to take control of your life, accepting the changes and being ready for upcoming challenges.

  • After you are registered for therapy, you will have a licensed therapist of yourself.
  • You can share any of your issues via call or email.
  • The customer support team will provide 24*7 assistance to answer non-clinical questions.
  • You can schedule an appointment as per your comfort and need.

Get Your First Session Absolutely Free

At VCare Therapy, we are here to listen as you express yourself, which helps you to heal and rejuvenate.

  • Your first session is absolutely free.
  • We have trained and licensed counsellors.
  • Active and non-judgemental counsellors are available 24/7.
  • You can register yourself and book an appointment in a matter of seconds.