Dealing With Attraction

Learn To Accept Attraction And Be Normal

“People will sometimes find themselves attracted to others, that’s just who they are. It’s what they do with that attraction that defines them.”  ~ Donna Lynn Hope


  •  Attraction is the invisible force that pulls an individual towards another individual that is based on sexual desires. It is an extremely powerful liking for someone that hampers the rational functioning of the mind. It’s instinctive and based on completely inexplicable reasons. However, the mysterious ways of attraction can often complicate human lives. It leaves you incapable of thinking clearly and can interfere with your life’s goals. 
  • Although, it is essentially a primal impulse necessary for the survival of the human race. However, it can lead to destructive behavior patterns if you are not equipped with the correct tools for dealing with attraction. In other words, it has the potential. But, the way you utilize it will determine its influence on your life. 
  • The very first step that facilitates your capacity in dealing with attraction is to accept its forceful presence. As a matter of fact,  you must acknowledge it as a natural feeling that every individual experience. You must learn to value and appreciate its beauty without adopting negative responses and behaviors. The key lies in understanding that humans are wired to be attracted. This doesn’t make you helpless to chose reactions dictated by your body. In short, you simply need to dealng wth attracton and learn to live with it.      


* Learn To Deal With Rejection

  • Rejection is an inevitable part of human existence, particularly, with respect to romantic relationships. In fact, everyone experiences it in some way or the other. In general, it rarely feels good. It is a terrible feeling that makes you sad, hurt, and angry. It makes you feel alone, outcast, and unwanted. In fact, recent studies link it to increased risks of fatal diseases like asthma, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders and a lot more. In short, the sting of rejection inflicts you to severe mental agony which damages your self-esteem.
  • However, the worst part of the entire experience is the fact that much of your distress is not because of the actual loss. Instead, it is due to your negative reaction to the situation. In fact, your self-negating thoughts and emotional response to rejection force you to suffer the torture. As a matter of fact, it is your self-criticizing nature that weighs you down with the emotional baggage that causes much of the pain. Even studies regard your reactions to rejection are determined by your past elements and events. To put it differently, your reactions are more important than the rejection itself. 
  • Therefore, it goes without saying that it becomes all the more important to learn the ways to deal with it. These include psychological tools and techniques that enhance self-understanding and fosters a sense of self-worth. It soothes your emotional pain, reduces your anger and aggression, protects your self-esteem, and stabilize your need to belong.


* Learn Principles of Attraction

  • Relationships are crucial for the overall well-being of humans. Above all, close intimate relations are the most significant force in leading a happy and meaningful life. Everyone desires for fulfilling relationships. However, some seemingly uncontrollable feelings of attraction influence these relations. In fact, it holds the key to make or break your relations. As such, it is very important to deal with such emotions in a healthy way.  For this, you must have a deep insight into the principles of attraction. 
  • There are certain well-established standards of attraction that determine how individuals respond to various stimulants. For instance, sympathetic vibrations, the importance of “feeling good”, the impact of changing your mood, etc. In other words, it boils down to various factors including evolutionary forces that drive your desires. While it is true that looks play a vital role in determining attractiveness. However, it is not that simple. On the contrary, human attraction is far more complex.
  • You may encounter it right at first sight or it may sneak up secretly and unexpectedly. At first glance, it may appear that you are at its mercy. However, researches confirm that your mind holds a lot of control in this realm. In short, you can effectively deal with attraction by developing an understanding of its fundamental principles.

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