Dealing With Change

  • Dealing with change can be challenging. One thing which is constant and lasts long is ‘change’. It can be positive (such as carrier growth) and painful (losing job). Also, sometimes it is out of your control (manager replaced) or a choice you’ve made (relocating). Therefore, change is an unavoidable situation which we face in our day to day life. Also, as we all know each action has an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, your reaction to the change might vary from excitement to fear, grievance or a confusing mixture of emotions.
  • Change is inevitable and necessary for personal and professional growth. It can be imposed on us by life. Profound changes can trouble you with questions that how you’re going to cope up with. The outcome of changes can make you stressed, and embrace you with fear. By learning to accept the changes and adjusting with the environment can only make you feel overwhelmed. It can be challenging because accepting anything all of a sudden can be difficult. It can affect how we think and work, the quality of our relationship, and even our physical security or sense of identity.

The four stages have been majorly seen for how we react to the change –

  • Disorientation and shock.
  • Combination of anger and fear with other emotional responses.
  • Facing the terms with new situations.
  • Acceptance and moving forward.

Another, when dealing with change its possible we might get stuck in at one stage and advance quickly then slip back. Change is a powerful force and consequently, dealing with change can stress you.


* Dealing With Change

Change is sudden and it causes a lot of unwanted and unpleasant situation and dealing with change can trouble you. Find humor in the present situation and take as lightly as possible. Surround yourself with positivity and talk about problems more than feelings. Also, always focus on your values instead of stepping down into a pond of fear. Dealing with changes fears you regarding many things in the present or past. Therefore, when you are dealing with the change you can’t demand stability. Consequently, don’t expect stability in returns. Hence, don’t stress out and fight against the changes. Dealing with change can demand a good amount of time to adjust with the environment. Play persistently with a gulp of patience because dealing with change needs it hard.


* Focus On At The Present

First of all, acknowledge that things are changing. It needs you to nod towards the situations you are facing. Yes, even good changes can stress you but try to cope up with it. Also, stress is an outcome of your body’s way of reacting to change. Realize that it’s okay to feel stressed or in fact normal. Therefore, just try to keep your regular schedule as much as possible. Accept the situations by widening your arms regarding the changes. Exercise and eat as healthy as possible and try to back away from social media. Another, stop worrying and thinking too much about the future as it is directing your attention towards what you want instead of what you have. Hence, it becomes a lot easier for you to accept the deal with change.

Hence, change comes in many forms and dealing with change can be fearful. Change is mandatory for every purpose of life. Also, strategies for dealing with change fall in two groups “escape” and “control”. Many people use a combination of both at various points in their response to dealing with change. But the one with the greatest long-term benefits is control strategies. These strategies can help you to acknowledge their feelings, explore the facts, aim to remain positive, and draw on support networks, while others giving themselves time to adapt.

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