BreakUp is like mud! A consequence of rain filled with love. When cupid flew away from your love story it results break up. Yes, the actual breakup can often be miserable and out-of-nowhere which can push you through an even bigger mental loop. Also, it seems like the longest stretch of time.

Agreed! It’s hard and gets tough with time. A breakups can trigger all sorts of unsettling and painful emotions. The sudden absence of your partner can turn your whole world upside down. Breakup leaves you with many questions popping in your mind likewise uncertainty about the future, what will life be like without your partner, will you find someone else, etc.  


* Acceptance

Yes! Acceptance. Breakup needs it hard. Life knocks your doors with surprises. It can be both bad and good. Breakups are one of the surprises life pours over you. You will get emotionally bankrupt one day suddenly. Accept it. Loving somebody has consequences too. And breakup is one of them. Therefore, acceptance is like having a tattoo you have to be fully committed with. Don’t fight your feelings rather talk about how you feel about it. Talking about it will relax you and help you to get out from the regret. Always remind yourself that you still have a bright future to avail. A breakup can cause threats like depression too, so you better be knowing the difference between a normal reaction to a breakup and depression. Do not imbibe yourself with self-pity and guilt. Another, always remember that moving on is the end goal. Accept whatever is coming in your way whole-heartedly.  


* Feel And Heel

Everything on this earth has a consequence so do love i,e breakup. You feel all alone due to loss of companionship and shared experience which may or may not have been consistently pleasurable. Breakup fears you with so many worries like fall of support, be it financial, intellectual, social or emotional. Consequently what is more painful than practical losses are the destruction of hopes, plans and dreams. Breakup damages you from deep down inside and you fell from cloud nine. The reason of breakup can be different but the after effects would be same like feeling alone for days or weeks, months. But above all the loneliness will settle after some time. Therefore, tight your shoes and go through the pain rather than hiding yourself from the rejection. Face it. Feel the pain and get healed.  


* Take Care Of Yourself 

People scatter badly after a breakup. It makes you feel angry or lonely immediately after your breakup. You will feel depressed, guilty and shattered. The loss of a relationship can often be just as painful as actually losing loved ones. First of all, do not wander for happiness because it is inside you. So, you owe that and can create anytime. Find a logic why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t even want to be with you. Another heartbreaks are the greatest teacher. Cash this moment remember that you still have your future. Celebrate yourself and your singledom. Try to move on and do stuff that makes you happy. Go out, meet your friends, shop, eat, repeat. Surround yourself with people who cares for you, value your things, energize you. Stop feeling guilty about it because maybe heaven got better plans for you.

Finally, a breakup is a great dismal. Also, it makes you low with disgusting feelings. You what is more fascinating is there’s nothing permanent in this world. This phase will also pass. Consequently, protect your emotional wellbeing getting affected by this dismal. In order to get relieved yourself from the pain, use the let it go therapy. If you won’t let go then this will turn into worse. As a result, you may forget how to love even. Lose yourself little and surround yourself with people who care for you, stand beside you, truly listens to you. Share your feelings, the pain you are going through. Feel free to and be honest about what you speak. Hit the balls of criticism, or getting judge by. Protect your emotional wellbeing and live happily.