How To Choose Your Partner

The cliche will never fade away that choosing your partner is a leap of faith. It is a monumental task when it comes to choosing a life partner or sticking together. There is no prescription for it rather few suggestions which can work. The considerable factors to pick your partner is a high stake decision and it starts with understanding what to look for in a life partner. One should specifically know what they are searching for in their partner.  


* What is a Perfect Relationship

The idea of a perfect relationship isn’t about blending into each other’s life rather separate lives coming to share together. A perfect relationship is a two-way street and requires both partners to take efforts for safe and comfortable place where you don’t have to keep a mask on. As we have brought up in different environments, have different set of values, life goals and preferences, you have to take efforts to make adjustments at every single step. You should know the art of balancing with each other feelings, priorities, time. There is no magic wand to resolve issues for a perfect relationship. But your positive attitude and continuous efforts can do the trick.    


* Feed the need

 Relationships are always an empty tummy or a hungry belly. It never get satisfied by whatever efforts you are pouring in. look at the needs of your relationship and nourish it as well. One should understand the needs and fulfill them. The willingness of fulfilling the need should not be forced. Choose your partner, always, who understands these needs otherwise this leads to failure of a relationship. Suppose one is in a mood to talk and other wants to sleep. This could result into a serious trouble between two. Understanding your partner and their need is the basic and most important thing for relationship.Partners must know the responsibility of satisfying each other. Therefore, feed the need


* Be particular about your choices

 Confront yourself with the question that are you making these choices out of fear or any kind of lust? Look at your bond which you share with each other. Make sure your relationship is not driven by these things. Choose your partner who’s compatibility is marvellous with you. Where you can be a naked version of your soul and share every common interest, culture, even sexual desires. And if you are thinking that someone someday will change eventually, then do not fool yourself because it’s never gonna happen. Be particular about what are you looking for in a partner like respect, values, honesty, stand by you and ability to forget and forgive. Do not compromise with these things. 


* How does it impact on your life

 Every thing around the globe comes with a consequence. So are the relationships. Being in a relationship is always a cloud nine thing but on the other hand it is pathetic as hell. Think about how it will impact your present and future. The past impacts our present every day it is totally up to you how you approach a certain situation. Living in a relationship needs to take care of with every single nourishing step. You can not overview the factors which impact your life. It affects your surroundings and your relationship with everyone around. The ability to cope up with the family and friends can’t be ignored. The recipe of perfect relationship is balancing and fulfilling the emotional needs. 


* Time

Time is the real hero between the two who plays in the lead and never dies. Partners should avail a great amount of time for each other. He or she should spend time together. Be with someone who choose you always and want to spend time together. This isn’t a forced one rather a willingful want. Giving time is a judgemental factor. So, before you jump into a relationship or choose your partner pay attention to the time quotient. 

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