How To Get Out Of Toxic Relationship

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~Marilyn Monroe 

Waao! What a great line. Do not fear of falling apart. If your relationship is stuffed with criticism and contempt, avoidance, and negative energy then it is time to stop living into one as it’s a Toxic Relationship. Love is not the only ingredient which does the trick for having a blissful relationship. It includes many things to pay attention to. Being in a relationship you should know the line between ‘what is love’ and ‘what’s not’!

If you feel that you are treated badly, ignored or abandon into your relationship then its a clue that you are living into a toxic relationship. The causes of potentially toxic relationships are plenty in numbers. Also, it varies from one to each other. Being physically or mentally abused or denigrated, subjected to careless spending, having an unsatisfied sex life, immature behaviour is not healthy for your relationship.


* Analyse The Signs That You’re Into One Kind

The rate of analysing the signs that you are having a toxic relationship is underrated. People live in a toxic relationship for years and they hardly have the idea about. Another, in some cases people recognise it and believes that relationship works like this only. They live in one kind and never regret it. Anorther, they think that it is a part of relationships it goes like this and live into for long. No, relationships do not work like that where you are physically or mentally abused. A relationship is not all about happiness but it is about peace, loving caring. Whenever is the time that relationship seems toxic for you, it’s never too late to leave. Gather all the dares you have into yourself and make changes because your relationship needs to be changed. Stop be guilty about it and leave your partner as soon as possible. Because they are never gonna change. Take the step and end it. Because letting go of a toxic relationship isn’t only a courageous step to take rather it’s the one that benefits your own well-being. Also, you can find something healthier and more fulfilling in the future.


* What Is Important For You 

If you are having a relationship then you should know what is important and in what amount. Therefore healthy relationships are more consist of trust, care, understanding, communication, respecting boundaries, sexual satisfaction. In contrast, toxic relationships are more like lacking any of them. Also, at the end of the day you have to decide what is more important for you. If being in a relationship do not satisfy you then leave it. It is not going to relax you soon or in any way. Be clear in your mind with what you want a happy healthy you or relationship with somebody who tortures you. Hence, it all on your shoulder, you have to choose between both, loud and clear. Because this is going to save you from many risks of future related to your health.  


* Leaving Would Be Hard 

YES! It is going to be hard but not impossible. This is like injection, you have to take it if you are down with any disease. This is a call you have to take it, nobody else would do that for you. Take all your courageous into yourself and leave the relationship. A toxic relationship is never going to be green so take that step. Stop all the possible contact as soon as possible. Because remaining in contact will always give false hopes for both the partners. Another getting out of an intense relationship i,e a toxic relationship can feel like the longest stretch of time. But be patient and kind to yourself. Hence, there is a reason behind why this is so hard but you got this. Another, it is affecting you badly so, do not weak emotionally. Think about yourself. Use crying as the cure, go for therapies, hang out with friends, meet your family. Do whatever is possible but get out of pathetic feelings.

Hence, in any kind of relationship, no one should ever feel imprisoned. As a result, there are few things which can’t be compromised like peace of mind, emotional and physical health, safety, or security. You are a unique soul and beautiful individual with a lot to offer and you owe it to yourself. Appreciate yourself to find someone special who sees and loves you for what you are not what they think you should be.

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