Lack Of Trust In Relationship

Lack of trust in relationship leads to other problems which may destroy whatever is left between the two. The building of relationships stands over a basement of the trust in any relationship. Trust is the main ingredient of an ecstatic relationship. Trust is a way which places confidence in your partner. Furthermore, one cannot weigh trust in the form of either/or rather more based on the degree and intensity of its presence. So, in a relationship trusting each other gives a foundation to build a feeling of safety and security.

Lack of trust in a relationship may take many forms. But they majorly seems like that they are being dishonest or hiding something from us, not trusting them to be reliable and consistent, fearing they may take advantage of us, not trusting their values as an individual or not feeling safe to express your mind and heart. Therefore, lack of trust in relationship leading us to behave in ways that alienate and anger others and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Above all, it became more worst when we unintentionally push away other people. Consequently, we won’t get the genuine love they may want to give us.


* Reasons

Lack of trust in a relationship tear couples apart. Wondering why people do it then there are significant reasons for it. Sometimes couples get married and live together because they see something desirable in their partners and get attracted which probably they do not have in themselves. Rather than having common values, over time, things between the two may change like priorities, preferences, etc. The charisma fades away when one or both partners may grow in confidence, else their needs may change. While sometimes making them less willing to put up with the difference in values. Jealousy is also the main reason which has its basis in personal insecurity and may be a fear of abandonment. In case one starts to control our partners so they won’t find someone better and leave us. Sometimes the reason may include that they have been abused as a child or hurt in people relationships. Consequently, they find difficult to trust someone and fear themselves to be an open partner.


* Signs

Trust depends on ‘give and take’ formula. It wides and give confidence in your relationship. Trust is a bridge between the two which allows each other to be together. Therefore, the lack of trust in relationship does the opposite. Partners sometimes start to control each other and dominate our needs to theirs. The sign your partner contributes to your lack of trust in relationship can vary from person to person. They pour a great amount of suffocating attention for each other. Partners accuse each other of being dishonest. Sometimes they monitor all your social media activities and gets hugely upset whenever you choose to go out with them. Above all, they check your personal stuff without asking your permission. They complain about your friends and family on every minor step. As a result insecurity and fear begin to dominate the relationship when couples do not share the same core values or don’t have a stable source of attachments. Look at the signs closely and try to figure out whether do you stay in one kind. Do the needful to save your relationship.


* Trust Is Two-Sided Dynamic At Play

Indeed! Trust is a two-sided dynamic at play because when you trust your partner, then they feel more comfortable to be their soul and let them come into each other’s life easily. Love is a beautiful relationship which ables you to blossom. It is a balancing act with personal space between two personalities, needs and wants and spending time together or giving yourselves time apart. Both the partners should cooperate with each other and try to rebuild the trust again. Try to fill the blank between the two by providing personal space. Erase the communication gap with each other. Try to speak whatever you have in your heart. Your relationship needs a strong emotional and physical bond to succeed. Therefore, the reasons behind the lack of trust in relationship is self addressed but it is cured collaboratively.

Hence, the lack of trust in relationship badly affects the relationship between the two. Sometimes the psychological trauma comes from lack of trust in relationship often results in the couple splitting up. Therefore, the relationship is possible after the initial shock fades away. The effect may last and lingers to end the relationship. It may be challenging to work through feelings of hurt, betrayal, and mistrust. So, a personal therapist or counsellor can help. Trust your partners. And live in an ecstatic feeling called love.