Unmask your relationship or marriage

Not every relationship will resist the test of time. If you are living into a relationship which lacks communication, honesty, love, care for each other, or you feel lonely then, you are not living in a happy kind. It is the right time to unmask your relationship or marriage. Stop living into the delusion which is created by you, yourself. Hence, it will not benefit you staying in a long-term relationship where you feel blue. Eventually, it will create chaos on your mental or emotional health.

Are you downhearted for your relationship with your partner? Because it curl up and die or do not makes you happy like it used to be? These are the telltale signs which you should pay attention to. It is really important that your soul of the relationship never fades away. First of all, unmask your relationship or marriage because it is not making you delighted. And do not feel guilty about it because your relationship demands it. 

You always deserve better and you are here on the path to bettering yourself as an individual by learning from your mistakes. Therefore, few relationships are just stepping stones on the path do not worry. The right person will come just wait and it happens eventually when you least expecting it. Never take so long to unmask your relationship or marriage because there is no gain to live in that corner where the sun doesn’t reach. Its okay to have an unsuccessful marriage or relationship but life dont stops here. Learn from your mistakes and gain a new perspective and experience life as it comes. Above all, it is really important that you are emotionally and healthy before entering into another relationship.

* Do You Feel Left Out In The Relationship 

Sometimes when we feel left out of something, it signifies that it’s not really your place from where you belong. It is really important to know what is missing from your relationship. Also, a key to your emotional survival is to know when to quit and when it’s best to move on from a pit of rot relationship. Partners feel left out because there is no reciprocation in the actions. Relationships are partnerships they developed on the basis of 50/50. Hence, there should be a joint effort from both the individuals in order to sustain a beautiful relationship. It is not all over in a relationship but sex is a considerable factors to count. So, in case your partner is lacking with desire of a physical intimacy or it’s totally gone then it can alarming. Another, if you are supposed to wear a mask in front of your partner don’t feel comfortable then, consider this as a sign too. Communication brings closeness between two by sharing their heart and emotions. Therefore, if you are feeling this closely then yes you can feel left out in your relationship. Hence, unmask your relationship or marriage as soon as possible and don’t waste any more emotions and time there.

* Fear Of  New       

Yes! Sometimes people do fear of doing new things. It is called  ‘neophobia’ in psychological terms. They fear the changes. What if they get the worst in return. They fear losing everything which is significant degree of love. Therefore, your attitude plays the main role in a relationship. If your relationship do not satisfy you as a companion they why to live in such kind of relationship. This is a call you have to take by yourself. Avoid this feeling of fear and jump for new things. As life has widen their arms and waiting for your betterment. Make few changes if it is necessary, even if this includes changing your partner. Have faith in you and hit the fear with your zeal because you deserve better. Hence, dealing with changes can sometimes be uncomfortable, stressful or even scary. Also, we’re often scared of change because we’re afraid of the unknown. Another, a good way to deal with the unknown is to think about things carefully. Unmask your relationship or marriage and have a fresh breathe. Fear of new always brings adventure, go through this. 

Finally, it is a total waste being into a relationship which is unable to make you happy and comfortable. Be courageous and never fear to unmask your relationship or marriage. Because this is going to your mental and emotional account and makes you blissful later.  

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