Stress and Anxiety

  • Lets talk about what's bothering you so much
  • Learn how to focus solution than problem
  • Learn how to adopt a better state of mind
  • Learn how mood impacts you
  • Know how to deal with depression
  • Know how to build support system
  • Acknowledge and challenge (to do what you fear)
  • Understand others are just people like you
  • Learn how to deal with anxiety
  • Know how your decision is influenced by peer pressure
  • Know how to develop a good friend circle
  • Take hold of yourself and do what you want
  • Learn how to deal with racism
  • Know your rights and how to deal with discrimination
  • Inform the authorities of your workplace/school/college
  • Know how finances impact your life
  • Why is money a necessity
  • Know how to be progressive despite difficulties
  • Get rid of all or nothing mindset
  • Stop being extremely critical about yourself
  • Celebrate your victories but accept failures too
  • Stop overthinking over the purpose of life
  • Give yourself some time to settle
  • Know what you want to be and how you can achieve it