Identity Crisis

Stop overthinking over the purpose of life:I guess the true reason to why overthink a lot of my decisions come from a place of low confidence.probably don’t trust my gut the maximum amount as i'd like.I build myself believe that I cannot return up with an honest call on the primary attempt to overcompensate it by overthinking.

Give yourself some time to settle:Forgive yourself for the times you settled for a treatment you didn’t deserve because you didn’t want to lose someone you cared about and you wanted to be the bigger person.

Know what you want to be and how you can achieve it:Believe in yourself, you'll accomplish something that you just set your mind to.There aren't any limits out here, the sole limits square measure people who you impose upon yourself.Dream, believe and take action.Identify what you actually need and the way you actually need to measure your life, and take action.Start to create the life of your dreams.Start little, dream massive and don’t ever quit.