Peer Pressure

“Stay true to yourself. An original is worth more than a copy.”  ~ Suzy Kassem


Everyone encounters peer pressure at some point in their lives. However, the point often overlooked is the extent of influence it has on us, particularly on our decisions and choices. Our life is a consequence of all the decisions and choices we make. But, when these decisions are taken under influence, things can really get out of control. Recent studies indicates that peer pressure has the potential to significantly alter our choices and decisions. It is well known that human beings are social creatures that heavily depend on the opinion of others in their decision making process. 

Peer pressure influences a person to do things that one actually don’t want to do. According to psychologists, it is attributed to the influence exercised by a peer group in provoking a person to alter his/ her attitudes, values or behaviour. Although, it is difficult to spot peer pressure. But, it has long lasting impact on three important aspects of your life: career, higher education and personal life. Peer pressure can have negative as well as a positive influence on our lives. 

Since, you cannot avoid peer pressure as long as you are a part of society. Hence, it gets more important to understand how it influences your decision making capacity. If you want to avoid it’s negative impact, but benefit from the positive influence. Then, it is vital to comprehend it’s potential power on your life.


* Learn Skills to Develop Positive Friend Circle

  • While it may be true that you cannot skip the influence of peer pressure in your life. However, you can definitely work your way to get positive influence that directs you to the right path. In other words, you can select your peer group or friends wisely to get the right kind of influence.  
  • Friendships holds a significant part of our social lives and contributes to our mental and physical well-being. As a matter of fact, right set of friends can motivate us for a more optimistic and productive life. On the contrary, toxic friendships can lead us into serious troubles including mental health disorders. In fact, wrong friends can completely ruin our lives. Hence, it is extremely important to learn ways that guide you in selecting the right friends that have positive influence.
  • In fact, choosing the right set of friends will go a long way in building a happy, productive and healthy life. In short, learn to choose friends that exert a positive influence on your thoughts, values, behaviour, actions, etc.


* Respect Yourself

  • It is really important to realize that you are a priority to yourself. The most important thing for you is your own feelings, values, beliefs and decisions. It is your right to have control over your life. Although, it may be tough to be the only person to stand up for your choices and say “no” to peer pressure. However, with practice, you can definitely do it.   
  • You should pay attention to your feelings and beliefs to discriminate between right and wrong. You should develop your inner strength and self confidence. These qualities alone can help you in taking firm stand and resist things you don’t want to do. Take control of your life in your hands and do what you want to do. 
  • You can simply stay away from peers that pressurize you for things you are not willing to do. You should strongly resist the peer pressure. Your self-esteem plays an important role in helping you to strongly resist the pressure. Hence, develop a strong sense of self.  Boost your self-esteem to have the courage to deal with toxic influences. Above all, respect yourself.