“The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it’s a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free”  ~ Charles R. Swindoll


* Let’s Talk About What’s Bothering You So Much 

  • Everyone feels tensed in response to certain stressful situations as part of our “fight or flight”  response mechanism. In other words, tension is the instinctive response of our body whenever it perceives any danger. Often times, you ignore this warning sign sent by your bodies. Your mind and body loudly declares that something is just not right in your life. There is some issue or concern that is bothering you which must be tackled as a priority. However, you keep on overlooking it. As a result, this nerve racking tension accompanies you all the time. 
  • You always feel an acute sense of nervousness that doesn’t allow you to relax. There is a feeling of an inner  striving, turmoil, or imbalance. You experience constant headaches. Your muscles are taut and tense for long periods of time. You are always fatigued and exhausted as if all your energy has been drained. Despite the urgent need of relaxation, your mind simply doesn’t allows you to rest. 
  • It is important to realize that this ceaseless tensed state of your mindset is not your natural order. You are not supposed to struggle alone. There is a way out of this tension. There is help available in the form of professional psychological counselling. At VCare, you can talk your heart out without the fear of being judged or misunderstood. There are professionally skilled counsellors who can guide you in understanding your own thoughts, feelings and issues. You can share your mind’s burden in a safe and confidential space. 


* Learn How To Focus On Solution Than The Problem

  • Problems are an important and essential part of everyone’s lives. Everyone deals with them on a regular basis. However, certain people find themselves constantly struggling to reach the solutions. Whenever a problem surfaces, they start complaining and fretting about it. They are easily annoyed and frustrated. 
  • Tension and stress seems to be an integral part of their lives. You will always find an extensive list of problems with them. Not only this, their imagination paints extreme possible outcomes of the problem. In fact, at times, they dig out problems in situations where there are none. In short, they are focused on the problems. That is to say, if you fall under this category, it is time to learn certain necessary life skills.
  • In case of any problematic situation, it is important to realize that your attitude alone can break this behaviour pattern. Irrespective of the severity of your problem, there is a possible solution to it. All you need to do is think hard enough to find the solution.  

In other words, you should shift your focus on the solution rather than the problem. Your aim should be to accept the situation and determine a reasonable and practical plan to tackle it. You should learn to leave your worries about the problem and focus more on the way to resolve it. It may appear a small behaviour change. But, it will have a massive life changing impact.  


* Learn How To Adopt A Better State Of Mind

  • Latest research confirms that optimistic people live a healthier and longer life than the pessimists. They show better results in terms of overall longevity, survival from disease and pain tolerance. In fact, studies link positive attitude to a better functioning heart i.e. pumping an additional 7.6 years.   
  • A positive and optimistic mindset leads to beneficial impact on your work, your health, and your life. 
  • Learning to create a balanced and healthy state of mind is key to experiencing a fruitful life. You can easily learn to enhance your mental outlook and thought patterns. Although it is a simple process. But, it requires time and persistent practice. After all, it is a complete transformation of your mental space. 

In short, adopting a better state of mind can create real value and enhance your life.